Call for Proposal

The North Eastern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania is seeking an expert consultant for the evaluation of the end of the project mentioned above. The evaluation is expected to be done from August to September 2021. Working days will involve close engagement with the NED ELCT Management and select areas of the beneficiaries of the project.

The evaluation is requested to provide:

  • An assessment of the performance and relevance of approach of the project against its objectives.
  • Assessment of observed changes and additional demands and their impact on the project implementation, sustainability, and risks.
  • Analyze if resources, approach and available time were adequate for responding to the situation in the targeted areas.
  • Evaluation focuses on the entire implementation period 2018-2021.
  • The evaluation will assess the scope of the project, implementation status and the capacity to achieve the project objectives. It will collate and analyze lessons learnt, challenges faced and best practices obtained during implementation.

Evaluators/ Expertise required

  • Qualifications, experience and skills.
  • The evaluators are expected to contain adequate expertise related to the project scope (e.g. special education teacher, disability specialist, health care specialist). One person shall be nominated as the team leader. The review team shall ensure solid experience and knowledge in the project fields.
  • Ability to produce well written, analytical reports in English essential
  • Both quantitative and qualitative data analysis skills

Proposals should include:

  • An up-to-date CV
  • Overview of the candidate with his/her qualifications, experience and skills requirements
  • Description of proposed approach
  • Budget proposal

 Please submit your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please read the Terms of Reference for more information and what to include in your proposal.

Please make sure that there are no any corrupt practices that will make the tender to be rejected or terminate the contract.    Closing Date 10th August, 2021

 Siku 16 za kupinga vitendo vya ukatili wa kijinsia zinaendelea katika mikoa yote Tanzania, ambapo leo tarehe 04/12/2020 Jumuiya ya Kikristo Tanzania (CCT) kwa kushirikiana  na Kituo cha Watoto Wenye Ulemavu wa Akili (Irente Rainbow School) wametoa elimu ya kupinga vitendo vya ukatili wa kijinsia katika Wilaya ya Lushoto Mkoani Tanga.

ulimwengu ukiwa katika siku 16 za kuhamasisha kupinga ukatili wa kijinsia hususani kwa wanawake na watoto.Baadhi ya watu wenye mahitaji maalumu wilayani Lushoto Mkoani Tanga wameomba kuwekewa mazingira yenye uhakika wa kupata elimu bora, hali itakayo pelekea ushiriki wao kuwa mkubwa katika ngazi za maamuzi na uzalishaji mali.

Wakizungumza kwa nyakati tofauti kwenye semina iliyo jumuisha wazazi na walezi wenye watoto wenye mahitaji maalumu iliyoandaliwa na Jumuiya ya Kikristo Tanzania (CCT) kwa kushirikiana na Kituo cha Watoto Wenye Ulemavu wa Akili (Irente Rainbow School) wameiomba serikali na wadau wakati huu kuwawekea mazingira rafiki ya wao kupata elimu ya darasani na ya ujuzi wa kujitegemea.

Group photo of Rainbow students and Diocese leaders

The unveiling of a colorful mural marked the 10th anniversary Irente Rainbow School owned by North Eastern Diocese (NED) on 18th January 2015. The celebration graced by Lushoto District Commissioner (DC) Ms Mariamu Juma, she congratulates the founders for  vision to help disabled. 

The activities for opening the school are planned as follows


Planning the activity rooms:
This work was done in March 2003 together with personnel from the department of neurology at the KCMC. Dr. Tina Oneko (pediatrician) and Ms. Ann-Sofie Norlén (physiotherapist) visited the site of the building and gave constructive recommendations on how to use it