Mbuyukenda was an old German mission station but has now been developed into hostel and restaurant.

Mbuyukenda is located in a peaceful part of Tanga near the sea and has got big garden with beautiful big trees.

Mbuykenda consists of three houses:

  • In the newly renovated guesthouse there are 1 single room, 2 double rooms and 1 triple room. All these rooms are self-contained. There is also sitting room in this building.
  • In the old “Mission house” there are 4 double rooms, but none are as yet self-contained. In the Mission house the restaurant is situated.
  • The third house Kana house, has got 3 self-contained double rooms.

Tumaini hostel and restaurant is located at only 10 minutes from Lushoto bus stand in the Usambara Mountains. Hostel is situated in the back garden of the restaurant; it belongs to the North-Eastern Diocese of the Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

 Tumaini Hotel Building