It was a sad day for the North Eastern Diocese to say goodbye to Mama Ruben on 5th April 2018 at Tumaini Restaurant. The event was attended by Rev. Dr Eberhardt Ngugi (Principal Dean-NED) who was the guest of honor, Sr Enna Mdemu(Head of the Irente Children's Home)  and the head office staff members.

Mama Ruben and Rev. Joyce Kibanga(Director of social service-NED)

Head office choir

Mama Ruben has been working at Irente School for the blind for 49 years since 1969 as the head of the institution and also has done a great job during her time and remains as a role  model to other staff members at the school and in the North Eastern Diocese. Always Mama Ruben worked together with other school staff members in the school development. She was also involved in community social events, and will always be remembered for her commitment as head of institution.

Left: Mr Amasia Mweta(Accountant-NED),Mama Ruben and Mr Daniel Mlutu(R.M.O-NED)

Head office staff members

Head office staff members

Right: Mama Ruben(Former head of the irente School for the blind),Sr Enna Mdemu(Head of the Irente Children's Home),Rev. Joyce Kibanga(Director of social service-NED)andTheresia Mchalo(Office management Secrettary-NED)

Mama Ruben with head office staff members

Encouraging words from Rev. Dr Eberhardt Ngugi (Principal Dean-NED) "The time has come for us to say goodbye to you. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors"